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Sandpoint. Idaho

Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Jonny, I’m a hacker living in Sandpoint, Idaho. I help the smallest businesses tell their story, and attract new customers online.

The smallest businesses?

Yes, like the shops and stores you see around town, and the amazing people that provide services. For example, hair stylist, estheticians, real estate agents and all sorts of independent contractors.

How exactly?

Promoting a business can feel pretty akward, especially when you’re the face of it all. A solid online presence will do the selling and attract new customers automaticly.

The internet is for everyone.

Let’s create apps and experiences coded so people with disabilities and voice assistants can use them.

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Local Sites👇

Wax &
Skin Care

Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint Insulation

Sandpoint, Idaho


Sandpoint, Idaho

A very early version of Jonnybot

So, there you have it! That’s a little peek into who I am and what I do. Come by the office for a visit at 202 South 1st Avenue in Sandpoint

Please Hack Responsibly.

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